Amazing musicians grew up in New Jersey like Frank Sinatra, Whitney Houston, Jon Bon Jovi, Bruce Springsteen, and more!  In fact, Bruce himself got his start in Monmouth County and has performed at a venue in the county more times than any other venue in his career.  Find out which venue seems to be a favorite of Bruce’s and many other entertainment venues that will be easy accessible to you and your family after you purchase a home in Monmouth County.


PNC Bank Arts Center

PNC Bank Arts Center is arguably one of the most popular venues in the Garden State.  Its large amphitheater setting brings in big time musical performers from across all genres.  Check out their upcoming schedule to see for yourself.

Count Basie Theater

Count Basie offers a range of comedic and theatrical acts along with musical performances.  Popular Broadway plays are portrayed on stage, hysterical comedians stop by very often, and there are some great musical performances in the theater as well.  Take a look at the upcoming schedule to see what’s in store.

Stone Pony

If you are a fan of small music venues that bring in universally known bands, then the Stone Pony might become your favorite venue.  Not only has Bruce Springsteen himself performed there more than he has at any other venue, it also continues to host great acts throughout the year.  Most notably, in the summer when they open up the summer stage.  You will probably recognize a few names on the Stone Pony’s upcoming schedule.

Two River Theater

Two River Theater is the perfect place for the play fanatic.  The theater will have performances of old classics, new shows, or even a unique idea that may be presented to them.  You can see the upcoming schedule for yourself in order to get a better idea of what the Theater has to offer.


Whether you are a music lover, comedy fan, stage play aficionado, or all of the above - you will enjoy the great entertainment venues Monmouth County has to offer.