It’s simple.  If you do not have a home inspection performed on a house you are purchasing, then you will be stuck with any costs that may arise once you have officially purchased your new home.  To the untrained eye it may appear that a home is in good shape and wil not need any repairs however, there could be thousands of dollars in costly repairs hidden in the walls.  The following are just a few areas a home inspector will professionally examine to ensure there are no major flaws in the home.



Home Inspectors don’t slack during this portion of the home inspection.  An unknown colony of termites in the crawl space of the home could be devestating if the owner wasn’t aware of it.  Termites eating away at the foundation beams of your home is not only going to result in costly repairs, but also causes dangerous faults in the foundation.


While walking through a home you may look for water stains to try and identify any plumbing issues.  If you don’t see stains then there isn’t a problem, right? WRONG.  There are hundreds of different significant plumbing errors that that don’t result in leaks. 


Defective electrical wiring is arguably the most dangerous fault a home could have.  It is an extreme fire hazard and also very difficult to recognize with an untrained eye.  A home inspector has professional tools that can analyze the elctrical wiring in the house to ensure that everything is up to code.


There are countless horror stories of what home inspectors have found during their inspections.  The amount of money a simple inspection can save you in the future is astronomical in comparison to the cost of a home inspector.  Don’t skip this process when purchasing a home.