As the days grow shorter and the weather more disagreeable in Monmouth County, NJ, people have a tendency to hunker down and retreat into the comfort of their homes. Although this means fewer people will be house-hunting, it also means you’ll have less competition, and can better apply the following home selling tips to maximize both your profit, and the buyer’s satisfaction.

Keep Up Appearances

You want your house to appear memorable the moment a prospective buyer pulls into the driveway. Since the New Jersey weather often brings plenty of snow in the wintertime; you want to make sure the driveway is cleared – hire an outside service to keep it clean if you’re absent. Salt and shoveling are must-dos as home selling tips to make your property stand out from the others.

Enhance the Lighting and Feeling of Warmth

It’s important that both the outside and the interior of the home look inviting and warm, so that the prospective buyer can envision himself/herself inside. To help display this, put the lights on a timer so that they come on as dusk approaches. Make sure the exterior paint job looks new, and the inside is spotless. One thing not to overlook is the smell – it’ll stay with any visitors and influence their decision. Add a faint aroma to help, but make sure it isn’t overpowering.

Change Your Perspective

What do you like most about the house? Chances are, these are the same things other buyers will appreciate. It is, however, still important to assume the position of the buyer when pricing your home in the current real estate market; absolve yourself of your natural attachment to the property so you can price it for what it’s really worth. Combined with the above home selling tips, you now stand a much better than average chance of getting the house off the market.