In an ideal world, you would be able to put your house on the market and have buyers lined up the next day.  Unfortunately, people selling their homes do not have full control over how quickly their home sells.  Another factor that people do not have full control over is when they put their house on the market.

Whatever the reason may be (family needs, job relocation, etc.), if you are in a situation where you need to sell your home this summer, there are a number of things you can do to give your home the best chance of receiving offers.


What you can do

  1. Mow Your Lawn
    • When people are looking around for homes, the first thing that they see before they even notice the house itself is the lawn.  A lush, green, well maintained lawn during the summer can make all the difference!
  2. Add other Curb Appeal
    • Make your house look as appealing as possible with additions such as flowers, and other subtle items.  You want your house to feel as welcoming and inviting to guests as possible.
  3. Take advantage of the light
    • Summer brings with it a sense of warmth and brightness.  The inside of your home can reflect that with open shades and as much as natural light as possible.
  4. Cozy is Key
    • There is nothing that will turn off potential buyers more than a hot and stuffy room.  Make sure you have plenty of fresh air circulating throughout the entire house.


First Things First

If you’re thinking about selling your home now, next month, or next year, you should let Keller Williams and Marie Gentile help to make sure anything and everything is done to make your house sell as quickly as possible.  Client satisfaction is our #1 priority, so give us a call! 732-333-8273.