The Manalapan Township motto is, “A Great Place to Live”. Now, with a town motto such as this, it must be able to live up to it.  But what makes living in Manalapan so great? Is it the housing available, the great location, or the fantastic education system?  The answer is all of the above.  If you are really thinking about making Manalapan your hometown, you should come by and visit.  Not only will you be able to see the homes for sale, but you will also be able to check out the area firsthand.

Housing Available

One of the things that Manalapan prides itself in is offering affordable housing.  Along with affordability, there are also a plethora of styles to choose from.  Houses, townhomes, split-levels, and classic colonials can all be found in this Monmouth town.  Because of the continuous residential growth, much of Manalapan is divided into organized developments.  See the homes for sale available now by checking Marie Gentile's Listings.


Manalapan has a prime location in western Monmouth County.  Not only is it a mere 15 miles from the Jersey Shore, but it is also only 45 miles away from New York City.  It’s a town where your destination is almost guaranteed never to be out of driving range.  A Manalapan resident of 21 years said it best, ““It’s an hour to Philadelphia, an hour to Atlantic City, an hour to skiing in north Jersey, and 20 minutes to the beach”.


The Manalapan School District is one that has a tradition of excellence in education.  They attribute this excellence with a strong curriculum.  This helps teachers guide students of all ages in the appropriate direction to better their futures.  A more detailed look at the Manalapan School District can be found HERE.

The Keller Williams Difference

If you are looking for a home for sale in Manalapan, you will not be the only one.  Houses in this area are in high demand.  This means that you need to act as quickly as possible to have the opportunity to purchase your dream home.  Call Marie Gentile today at 732-333-8273.