When considering a move to a new town you may be interested in learning more about what the town has to offer.  One of the most exciting features of Marlboro is that it is home to 12 different parks.  These parks include not only fully functional tennis and basketball courts, but also amenities like swimming pools, handball courts, hockey rinks, lighted softball courts, dog parks and much more.  In addition there are programs provided by the parks services such as youth sport classes and adult recreational sports leagues

If you are more of a history enthusiast the parks have plenty of features that you would enjoy as well!  In one park, Big Brook, there is a stream that cuts through the sediments of the earth from the Late Cretaceous period.  That’s right, a period of time when dinosaurs roamed the earth.  It is very common to find teeth from dinosaurs and sharks from millions of years ago!  It’s a fun trip for adults and kids alike.  If you are more interested in American History, Marlboro has many historical experiences for this historical period as well. Marlboro offers multiple sites for one of the most famous battles to occur in New Jersey, The Battle of Monmouth.  For instance, a resident of Marlboro, Colonel Asher Holmes built a tower of logs and brush that would be lit when the opposing forces were moving in on the area.  The hill was later named after the event and is known today as Beacon Hill.  In fact, there is a school in the town named after the famous individual Asher Holmes who lit the famous fire at Beacon Hill.

If you are looking for more traditional town amenities such as shopping and local restaurants, here is some helpful information.  The town has over 30 restaurants which include a variety of Italian, Mexican, Asian, Indian, and American cuisine.  Whatever your taste, you can find it in Marlboro.  Also, the town offers a great shopping program that will help you earn tax credits towards your property tax.  There is a list of businesses (not only in Marlboro) that you can patronize in order to receive credit towards your property tax.  The businesses involved span across a wide range of industries; restaurants, clothing stores, bagel shops, and even service companies like air conditioning and electric companies can all help you earn tax credits.

For more information on town amenities and all things related toMarlboro you can visit their website or check out the Marlboro-Colts Neck Patch website.  If you are interested in buying a home in Marlboro or in the Marlboro area please visit our website and reach out to us on www.MarieGentile.com.