You have the power to improve your homes functionality and appearance in a number of different ways.  You might choose to fix poorly insulated windows or replace outdated lighting fixtures.  But, you might also choose to take on a larger task and add a completely new addition to your house.  If you do decide to make this radical change with your home, you should ask yourself two important questions first:

  • How much will the entire addition cost?
    • Costs of home additions tend to add up without you realizing exactly how much until you’ve reached the point of no return.  Make sure that you can afford the project from start to finish.
  • How much value will the additions add to your home?
    • You want to make sure you are doing something that is not only going to make you happy, but that is also going to increase your home’s value.

Here are some home improvement additions that you can get in order to receive the most “bang for your buck”:

  • Finished Basement
    • A basement can either be a cold and dark area used solely for storage, or it can be utilized as an extra room, or entire second living area.  Every basement has the potential to make your home significantly more valuable.
  • Deck
    • An outdoor deck is far less expensive than expanding your house with a new room, but it serves a very similar purpose.  It adds extra space to your home, while also adding a new and attractive outdoor element.
  • In-ground pool
    • What a better companion to your deck than a pool?  A recent study published by the National Association of Realtors states that in-ground swimming pool can increase the value of homes from 8 % to as much as 15 %.
  • Additional Room
    • Anytime you add to the overall square footage of your house, you are adding to the value as well!