Whether you’re a prospective home owner or in the market to sell your home, the following real estate market trends of the coming year will be of the utmost importance in understanding the housing market.

The Housing Market is Bouncing Back

It’s no surprise that the housing market is bouncing back from 2008’s collapse – after all, it has enjoyed a steady resurgence since 2012. As the year 2016 progresses, the competition between real estate agents will only grow as they seek to take advantage of this buyer’s market. As a prospective home owner, you can expect good deals on single-family homes, and agents who are willing to work with you to obtain the best deals.

Taking Advantage of Tech

With such online real estate powerhouses such as Zillow and Trulia, coupled with the ever-growing domination of Smartphone apps, you will find more resources available on the Web than ever before. More and more people will be searching for homes using their mobile devices and utilizing online tools that pool all of the available properties in a prospective area all in one place.  These sites, along with new technology, have made the home prospecting process much easier.

Home Sales Will Level Off in 2016

Out of all the real estate market trends, this may be the most important. Although there is a good deal of variation in the housing market at the local level, the nationwide trend seems to be that prices will level off. Many housing experts expect home prices to continue to rise over the next year, but at a slower pace than in the past.  So if you are a homeowner that is expecting a higher price for your home in 2016, it may not be as high as you were hoping for.


In order to take advantage of all of the latest Real Estate trends, you will need a professional agent at your side.  Call Marie today!